• What are postpartum belly girdles and do they work
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What are postpartum belly girdles and do they work

Postpartum belly bands are most commonly worn by women after c-section or natural birth to help draw in the stretched abdominal muscle, provide back support, and prevent post-natal pooch. They also help in losing baby weight and getting the post-pregnancy body new moms desire.

Although there are many benefits of wearing a post-pregnancy belly band, there are also some drawbacks. Let’s look at the summary of the pros and cons for wearing a postpartum belly band.


  • Provides comfort after delivery by holding the loose abdominal organs in place in the enlarged belly
  • Assists in returning to your pre-pregnancy shape and improves waistline
  • Provides structure support around the torso
  • Improves mobility and range of movement
  • Reduces strain of joints in the lower back, pelvis and buttocks.
  • Helps shrink the uterus back in size
  • Increases the speed of healing, especially after c-section by reducing stretch on the incision


  • Can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, depending on material and season
  • Fairly new to North America so selection can be expensive
  • Can be visible under clothing, depending on color, thickness, and style
  • Need time commitment to see best results, usually worn continually for two to three months

Overall, based on user reviews and experiences, belly bandits do facilitate in returning to your pre-pregnancy body. It will minimize that “floppy organ” feeling from loose abdominal organs in the postpartum period. On the other hand, wearing it for two to three months can be uncomfortable, especially in the hot summer months. Depends on what is more important to you, the belly bands may be the right choice for you. Keep in mind there is no magic fix for anything in life, and you will not see results overnight. The best results are a combination of postpartum belly band, healthy diet and moderate exercise.

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